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– Pest Resistant

– Rot & Fungal Resistant

– Above ground external use

Hume PinetrimXT – H3 LOSP Primed Treated Pine is produced for long term biological protection against Borers, termites, rot and weathering. This provides long lasting protection and makes Pinetrim H3 very durable for external above ground applications exposed to the environment.


Cutting & Joining:

When cutting, always cut through the front to help eliminate fibre tear and when joining Pinetrim H3 LOSP Primed, we recommend mitre cuts be used and the joint glued. It is desirable that the cross-sections are as uniformed as possible to prevent exposure. For all outside surfaces exposed by cutting after treatment, an appropriate re-selling/treatment product should be applied.


Some metal fasteners in contact with H3 treated pine may exhibit a propensity to corrode. For longevity of fixings in external applications, hot dipped galvanized steel or stainless fixings are recommended (Check with your local building authority for class of fixing).


Before painting PinetrimXT, H3 Primed must be dry and clear of dirt or oil residue. Fill any defects (nail holes, cuts etc) lightly sand and apply minimum 3 coats of external grade paint. (Please check paint manufacturer’s recommendations). For best results, finish painting within 30 days of installation (if weathered over 30 days re-priming may be required).

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