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Hi Jeremy,

Just thought I would send you some photos of the finished curved floor/wall that you supplied the timber for.


Looks great and everyone commentson it.

Thanks for your help with the timber selection.

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Benefits of Treated Pine for Flooring and Fencing

21 Dec. 2012

Treated pine is a good choice either for parquet flooring or even for your timber fence. First of all, it's not expensive and you can count on its durability. When properly sealed, treated pine can last for years and its strength makes it ideal for fencing timber. With proper staining, the finished appearance of treated pine is also unbeatable. There are many stains that you can choose from which allows for greater decorative flexibility. Construction of parquetry or a fence using treated pine requires a bit of skill because of the moisture that it retains. There are other factors that contribute to its longevity and, when all is in place, treated pine is for keeps.

Finished Appearance

As time goes by, if you fail to seal treated pine, it will weather down to a dull grey colour. This can be unattractive unless you have a taste for vintage-looking wood. To avoid this, its good to paint it or seal it with stain to hide that greenish colour of the treatment solution. For fencing, painting would be the ideal solution, but for parquetry, you can use stain or a colourless sealer. Once the timber is properly sealed or painted, you can expect that pine will give you a beautiful floor or fence.


Due to the pressure of the treatment that treated pine subjected to, you can count on it lasting for the longest time. Seemingly impervious to rotting, treated pine has been known to stay intact for decades. Many manufacturers offer many years of warranty when you buy treated lumber and that should mean something. You cannot get that kind of warranty from other kinds of lumber, only treated pine. When longevity of wood is the most important consideration, you can't go wrong with treated pine.


You have to remember that treated pine can come with a high level of moisture when it leaves the manufacturer. As the timber dries, it can shrink, which can be a problem if not taken into consideration when making parquet flooring as this needs surgically precise measurements. Timber fencing using treated pine can be less demanding, but still shrinkage should always be considered. So that you avoid problems due to shrinkage, allow a few days for the wood to dry before using it for whatever projects that you have in mind.  

Most customers spend too much time deciding which kind of wood to buy for timber fencing or parquet flooring, but when it comes to a good balance between quality and price, treated pine is always a contender. With proper sealing, you can be sure that it will last for the longest possible time. In the hands of a good tradesman, wonders can be accomplished with this wood. You have a wide variety of stains to choose from to use for pine and, when its applied, you get a beautiful timber that is here to stay. So don't hesitate to pick treated pine for your fence or for your parquetry floor.

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