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Hi Jeremy,

Just thought I would send you some photos of the finished curved floor/wall that you supplied the timber for.


Looks great and everyone commentson it.

Thanks for your help with the timber selection.

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Four Woodworking Projects to Transform Your Garden

21 Apr. 2017

We have focused so much on using timber to improve the interior of your home that we have completely neglected the use of outdoor timber so far. Today's article hopes to rectify the situation by giving your garden a makeover using the magic of wood. A custom woodworking project could breathe new life into your front or back yard. Best of all, none of these ideas requires special DIY skills, as these projects can be completed with a bit of time and patience.


1 - A Birdhouse
Building a birdhouse from a wood such as cedar is a terrific way to commune with nature. As well as providing a place for birds to relax, this project is an eye-catching addition to any garden. Certain species love eating mosquitoes and other pests so having some birds around the garden is never a bad thing. You can build a birdhouse using just one plank of wood.


2 - Planter Bench
A quick Google search reveals that garden planter benches retail for hundreds of dollars. Why spend so much money when you can build your own in a couple of hours? They are an exceptional addition to any garden, patio or deck. As well as being a worthy addition to your backyard landscaping efforts, one of these benches helps increases your backyard seating area.


3 - Standing Planter Box
Again, one of these boxes could cost hundreds of dollars. Forget about this expenditure and spend some time on what is a beautiful and practical piece of gardening equipment. A Standing Planter Box is very versatile. First of all, it holds plants you want quick access to such as fresh vegetables and herbs. Secondly, it is very useful for gardeners with back problems as they don't have to bend down to tend to the plants. Finally, if you make it out of cedar, you have an insect resistant plant box.


4 - Potting Bench
This is another must-have piece of equipment for the serious gardener. You can use it to keep your gardening tools organised. Not only does it act as a convenient work space for potting plants, it can include a hutch for seeds and tools. The best designs feature space beneath the main bench that acts as shelving space for large items such as fertiliser or potting soil. In essence, you can keep all your supplies in one location.


These woodworking projects can add value to your property, help beautify your garden and act as handy storage locations for gardening equipment. So get your DIY hat on today and start working with timber.

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