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Hi Jeremy,

Just thought I would send you some photos of the finished curved floor/wall that you supplied the timber for.


Looks great and everyone commentson it.

Thanks for your help with the timber selection.

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Five Common Woodworking Joints

21 Dec. 2016

It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of joinery will make or break any DIY project involving wood. As a rule of thumb, the more difficult a joint is to create, the stronger it is. As a result, it is as important to decide on the joints you use before a project, as it is to choose the right wood. In this article, we look at 5 of the most common woodworking joints.


1 - Butt Joint

This is one of the simplest options and while it can do a reasonable job, it may be necessary to add glue to ensure it remains strong. It gets the name because one piece of the stock is butted up against another. Regardless of the strength of the timber you use, a butt joint should only be used to make simple boxes or frames. Make sure there isn't too much stress on the joint and add nails, screws or glued dowels as necessary.


2 - Mitre Joint

This is almost as easy to construct and make as its Butt counterpart. It is actually very similar although it offers better aesthetics and is a little bit stronger. It is more appealing to woodworkers because the ends are cut at a 45 degree angle and glued together. The result is a larger surface area for adhesive to be applied and the end grain is concealed so you benefit from a nicer look.


3 - Dowel Joint

As is the case with most timber joints, the Dowel version is extremely strong when constructed correctly. You can create it with little more than a couple of pieces of wood, accurate markings and a drill. Assemble this joint with dowels instead of screws for a more appealing final result.


4 - Mortise and Tenon Joint

The flush fitting design of this joint makes it one of the strongest and most loved options available to woodworkers. It is one of the most difficult joints on this list to create, but is unquestionably one of the most reliable. It consists of a tongue that is secured into a slot and is the ideal option for DIY projects such as the creation of tables because it keeps the legs solid and secure.


5 - Dovetail Joint

This is arguably the toughest of all woodworking joints to create and consists of pins (which look like dovetails) that interlock into slots. If you can master the Dovetail joint, you will find practically every other option easy to assemble. Experts can create the joint to perfection so the pins lock perfectly into the slots, but for projects such as the creation of wooden drawers or even a wardrobe, it may be best to use glue or nails.

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