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Hi Jeremy,

Just thought I would send you some photos of the finished curved floor/wall that you supplied the timber for.


Looks great and everyone commentson it.

Thanks for your help with the timber selection.

Woodstock Timbers Testimonials

Why You Should Choose Wooden Flooring

27 Jun. 2016

Although wooden flooring may be slightly more expensive than linoleum or carpet, it has many advantages over its rivals. For instance, high quality wooden flooring lasts for decades and actually looks better as the years go by, as long as you invest a small amount of time maintaining the timber. In contrast, carpets get dirty and usually need to be changed every 5 or so years.

Low Maintenance
Wooden flooring can rival linoleum when it comes to time spent maintaining it. It is easy to clean as a simple sweep and mop job will keep it looking fantastic. You only need to add a maintenance coat every few years and the surface should be sanded every 10 or so years. If you have kids and/or pets, wooden flooring is a great choice because cleaning up the inevitable mess is easy. Carpet owners, on the other hand, will have a real problem.

Since wooden flooring is so easy to clean, you don't have to worry about nasty odours or creepy crawlies infesting it. Carpet is often laden with hordes of different parasites such as fleas and dust mites. This type of surface also plays havoc with the health of anyone suffering from allergies.

Underfloor Heating
This is deemed to be the most effective way to heat the home and it's easy to install when you have wooden flooring on the surface.

There is something special about timber which gives it a timeless quality. While carpet styles, tiling and linoleum seem to go in and out of style, wooden flooring is always highly sought after. This surface has been popular for centuries and is actually more popular than ever before.

Overall Cost
There's a perception that wooden flooring is expensive which is completely untrue. While it may be more costly initially, the long term savings when compared with carpet can be considerable. You will go through several carpets but only need one wooden flooring installation. New production methods have also cut the cost of timber so it is much more affordable.

Increased Property Value
Homes with wooden floors sell far more quickly than properties with carpet and the timber surface can actually add to the value of your home. Those seeking a new property appreciate the beauty and value of wooden flooring and are prepared to pay a little more to have it already installed.

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