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Hi Jeremy,

Just thought I would send you some photos of the finished curved floor/wall that you supplied the timber for.


Looks great and everyone commentson it.

Thanks for your help with the timber selection.

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Preventing Accidents While Working With Wood

20 Oct. 2015

Working with wood can be one of the most relaxing pastimes you can take up. This durable and workable material always gives me a near meditation experience when I'm working with it, whether I'm trimming a piece of timber to size or smoothing down some rough edges. I almost get into a trance. That's all well and good, but this has led me to a few near misses in the past. One of the first rules of safety in the workshop is to stay sharp while working with sharp tools. This is even more applicable when working with power tools. In this article, I just want to cover a few safety basics to keep you in one piece while pursuing your favourite hobby.

Accidents in the workplace, at home, or in the workshop happen in the blink of an eye. Our modern workshop gives us the benefit of speed. We can cut faster, trim faster, plane, route and drill faster, but these powerful advantages mean we need to have much more respect for the basic first defence of any work place - think before you act. Take your time, plan what you are going to do, make sure nothing is in harm's way, particularly your fingers, and keep concentrating on the task at hand.

Before you use a tool, make sure you are familiar with it. Know where the electrical cable is at all times to prevent you cutting through it or otherwise damaging it and yourself. You should also know when your tool needs maintenance or disposal. Only you can set the standards of tool maintenance that you work to, only you can be there to make sure these rules are adhered to. You should also learn how to sharpen your bits or blades. There is not much to learn about sharpening your tools, but it is time very well spent and you will save yourself a lot of hassle in the long term. Your tools will perform much more efficiently and the risk of an accident is reduced.

Finally, a quick word on safety gear. The DIY woodworker doesn't need much in the way of safety gear, but there are a few must-haves. First and foremost are the essential eye protection glasses or goggles. You should wear these at all times while working with wood. It doesn't take a second to put them, but they can save your precious eyesight. Other protection you might wear includes dust masks, gloves, apron and earplugs. Remember that no job is so important that we can't take the time to do it safely.

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