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Hi Jeremy,

Just thought I would send you some photos of the finished curved floor/wall that you supplied the timber for.


Looks great and everyone commentson it.

Thanks for your help with the timber selection.

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Types of Timber Oil Finishes

19 Mar. 2015

Timber is such a wonderful material to work with. It's a natural product that will fit into most home and work environments. Timber is also a renewable resource. Every time you choose to buy a timber product, you are giving a thumbs up to the overall environment and doing your bit to reduce your overall carbon footprint. Like any other natural product, timber has a life cycle. If you leave timber untreated, it will naturally go through the process of decay. How long this takes will depend on various factors including the type of timber, its age and the conditions it's being stored in. Of course you can extend the lifetime of any piece of timber by using a suitable treatment. In fact, you can extend the lifetime of your timber indefinitely. It will certainly outlast you.

In this article, I want to concentrate on one of the more traditional ways of protecting your timber, oiling. Oil brings out the natural beauty of any timber product. It doesn't cover the wood, as some protections do, it enhances the natural beauty. If you want to add colour to the wood, you can do this with your oil choice, or you can choose a water based stain before adding the oil. Using an oil based stain below your finishing oil, will only prevent the finishing coat from getting to the wood pores, stopping it from soaking in.

One of the more traditional oils you can use is linseed oil. Also known as flaxseed oil, this type of oil comes from the flax plant. For the best wood protection, you need to apply several coats to your timber surface. There are a couple of different ways of approaching the application of linseed oil. If you add pure linseed oil, it will take about three days for each coat to dry, however you can choose the boiled variety, which includes standard linseed oil, metallic dryers and stand oil, which will dry in a single day. This type of oil is better used for aged wood.

Two other popular oils to use on timber are Danish and Teak oil. This type of oil is more suited to new wood projects. Each oil will dry much quicker than linseed oil. You should apply with a soft brush or cloth. Don't apply too much at a time. Between each coat, give the wood a quick sand with some fine sandpaper.

Whether you use linseed oil for older projects, or you choose Danish, Teak or some other appropriate oil, oiling is one of the best and most traditional ways of preserving your timber projects. As a safety note, never leave oil soaked cloths lying around your work shop. They can be a fire hazard. As oil ages it will oxidise, generating heat that could spontaneously combust. Always safety first!

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