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Hi Jeremy,

Just thought I would send you some photos of the finished curved floor/wall that you supplied the timber for.


Looks great and everyone commentson it.

Thanks for your help with the timber selection.

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Painting Kitchen Timber Cabinets

04 Feb. 2015

One of the biggest things to replace in your home are the kitchen cabinets. Not only is replacing them going to be a big job, it is also going to be a costly one. A question you should be asking yourself is do you need to replace them? Why is it that you want to replace them in the first place? Obviously, if they have seen better days, they are falling to bits and a danger to everyone who wants to get a cup, you need to rip them out and start again, but what if they are simply looking a bit drab and forlorn?

Quite often, all that you need to do to bring some life back into your old kitchen cabinets is to shoot down to your local DIY store, pick up a few tins of paint, some sandpaper and an assortment of brushes. But how easy is it? The answer to this question is that it is very easy to paint any type of timber unit, so long as you follow a few simple guidelines.

Get your materials ready before you tackle the job. Plan it out, what you are going to need. Then make a shopping list, go to the store and do your shopping. Don't forget the essentials. These include some degreaser, which helps to clean kitchen cabinets before you can start. You also need to have a variety of sponges, cloths and some gloves to make the job a little easier. Next, get some sandpaper. This is to rub down the surface of the cabinets to give a key for the paint.

Before you add your paint, you need to wash and degrease all the surfaces. Then you need to sand each surface so that the paint will adhere. After this, once everything is dry, give the units the first coat of paint. This coat is normally the primer. A primer is a bit of insurance for the surface underneath. It is a relatively cheap way of hiding a lot of bumps and marks. Once this is dry, go over it with a fine sandpaper. Finally, sparingly apply your final top coat.

As you can see, it's not a difficult job to give your kitchen cabinets a totally new look by applying a couple of coats of paint. It is certainly a lot cheaper and quicker than forking out a huge wad of money on a complete new kitchen. Another thing you can do to add a bit of newness to your kitchen cabinets is to add some new fittings.

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