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Hi Jeremy,

Just thought I would send you some photos of the finished curved floor/wall that you supplied the timber for.


Looks great and everyone commentson it.

Thanks for your help with the timber selection.

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Your Quick & Easy Guide to Painting a Timber Building

21 Jun. 2017

If you have a timber building in your backyard such as a shed, the best way to inject some colour is to add a coat of paint. As well as making the structure look beautiful, painting is a fantastic way to protect your investment as it ensures the wood is not exposed to the elements. Painting a timber building is a quick and easy process, especially if you follow this simple guide.   Don't Be CheapThe wood will be exposed to all manner of conditions...

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Wooden Decking: Make it last longer with proper maintenance

22 May. 2017

Wooden decking makes a lovely addition to any garden, a place to sit outside on a warm day or evening and creates a connection between the inside comforts of the home and the tranquillity of being outside. But being wood, and being exposed to the elements all year round, it needs to be cared for if you want it to remain looking new and last as long as possible. Here are a few tips on how to properly maintain wooden deck. Keeping the wooden deck clean...

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Four Woodworking Projects to Transform Your Garden

21 Apr. 2017

We have focused so much on using timber to improve the interior of your home that we have completely neglected the use of outdoor timber so far. Today's article hopes to rectify the situation by giving your garden a makeover using the magic of wood. A custom woodworking project could breathe new life into your front or back yard. Best of all, none of these ideas requires special DIY skills, as these projects can be completed with a bit of time and...

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Make Your own Wooden Bee Hotel for an Easy DIY Project

21 Mar. 2017

Building a bee hotel is really easy and simple. You can build a basic one out of an old juice carton and a timber block in as little as 30 minutes, but it's not much harder to make a more substantial one that can be a place for more bees and other insects to rest. You can buy bee hotels, but because they are very easy to make yourself, it is well worth the effort and the sense of achievement you will get from doing it yourself. It can be a great idea...

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Simple Design Ideas for a Wonderful Timber Home

21 Feb. 2017

One of the best things about creating a wooden home is the feeling of freedom and order you get from knowing that everything is in its right place. While some people naturally prefer to live in a large space, for most of us, comfort is about scale. The ideal combination of space and cosiness is what we all strive for and it is possible to achieve it with a timber frame home. Here are some design ideas to get the most out of your wood. Allow Sunlight...

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A look at the Different Types of Wood Flooring

20 Jan. 2017

Wooden flooring almost always looks stylish and attractive in practically every home situation, whether it's a modern home, a character home, in the country or in the city. You can't really go wrong and it is suitable for just about any room too, whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. It's definitely the most versatile option for your flooring. If you have decided that you want to install some wooden flooring, the next thing you...

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Five Common Woodworking Joints

21 Dec. 2016

It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of joinery will make or break any DIY project involving wood. As a rule of thumb, the more difficult a joint is to create, the stronger it is. As a result, it is as important to decide on the joints you use before a project, as it is to choose the right wood. In this article, we look at 5 of the most common woodworking joints.   1 - Butt Joint This is one of the simplest options and while it can...

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Add a Rustic Feel to Your House with these Woodwork Ideas

21 Nov. 2016

You don't have to live in the countryside or on a farm to enjoy a tranquil and rustic feel in your house. Even in the heart of the city, rustic decoration is both charming and fashionable. It doesn't matter what type of house or flat you live in, a few very simple woodwork ideas could make it a more relaxing and stylish place. It could even possibly increase its value. Below are a few ideas for simple woodwork projects that can be both cheap and easy,...

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5 Ways to Prevent Exterior Wood Rot

20 Oct. 2016

You will doubtlessly come across a wide range of literature online regarding the prevention of exterior wood rot. Certainly, rotting timber is a fact of life if you live in an old house or a wet climate. However, the best cure is always prevention and I will provide you with some tips to help prevent your exterior timber from rotting. Please note that you don't need to purchase expensive fibre cement, PVC or other products marketed as rot proof if...

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How to Handle These 5 Common Wooden Floor Installation Problems

23 Sep. 2016

Whether you are building or renovating a property, flooring is one of your main concerns. If it is incorrectly installed, it can lead to long and expensive repair processes in the future. Conversely, when it is installed the right way, you will enjoy years of hassle-free use. Hardwood flooring is one of the best options for sprucing up the home or adding value to your property. In our experience, there are a few common problems that crop up and in...

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How to Keep Your Parquet Floor Looking Sensational

15 Aug. 2016

Parquet flooring looks absolutely stunning when it's first installed, but over the course of time, you may need to perform maintenance or repairs in order to keep it this way. The flooring in your home makes a big statement and few surface types offer the same wow factor as parquetry. Read on to learn how to keep it looking as fresh and beautiful as the day it was laid down.What is Parquet Flooring?This type of floor is made up of various pieces of...

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How to Stop Your Wood Warping

19 Jul. 2016

Timber is one of the world's most commonly used building materials for a variety of reasons. It has stood the test of time and provides any construction with a stunning, natural look. As well as looking fantastic, it also adds value to your property. Unfortunately, wooden installations can warp over the course of time, but keep reading and you'll learn how to prevent this from ruining your beautiful timber.Stop Outdoor WarpingThe average outdoor timber...

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Why You Should Choose Wooden Flooring

27 Jun. 2016

Although wooden flooring may be slightly more expensive than linoleum or carpet, it has many advantages over its rivals. For instance, high quality wooden flooring lasts for decades and actually looks better as the years go by, as long as you invest a small amount of time maintaining the timber. In contrast, carpets get dirty and usually need to be changed every 5 or so years. Low MaintenanceWooden flooring can rival linoleum when it comes to time...

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4 Reasons to use Timber Architecture in the Home

26 May. 2016

Timber is not just beautiful to look at. Embracing wood-based designs has a significant number of advantages aside from the obvious aesthetically pleasing finished article. It is a wonderful material capable of saving you money on your energy bills, helping the environment, reducing construction time and much more. In this article I will examine a number of advantages of utilising timber architecture in the home.1 - Energy SavingNon-combustible and...

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Making A Wooden Table

12 Apr. 2016

Making your own wooden table is a great idea both for the experienced carpenter and for those who do not have a history of working with wood. Whether it will be used for dining, coffee or even as a television stand it will be fun and surprisingly simple to make, genuinely useful and a lot cheaper than buying a ready-made one in a shop. In addition, it is always more satisfying to know that the table you are eating from, resting your coffee on or even...

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Tips for Naturally Cleaning Hardwood Floors

28 Mar. 2016

Your hardwood floors cost a lot of money to put in, but they can last a lifetime if you give them the love and care they deserve. One of the best ways that you can regularly give your floors a good dose of TLC is to give them a good clean. Many people love the idea of having wood in their home. It gives them a sense of having natural products, a bit of nature on the inside of their home, it also provides a much warmer surface for the family to walk...

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Tips for Saving Money With Your Woodworking

25 Feb. 2016

Sometimes you just need to compromise. If you're working with wood, there will be times when you are just going to be stuck for something. Maybe you need some glue or clamps, discover a drill bit that's just broken, need to find a way of filling a hole or getting your drill bit to stay on ninety degrees. Well, here are a few woodworking hacks that will sort you out in some of these situations.First let's take a look at glue. Take the example of trying...

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Removing and Replacing Rotten Facia Boards

22 Jan. 2016

One of the best ways of sprucing up the outside of your home is to repair, rejuvenate or replace the wooden elements like window frames, doors, railing and decking. In this article, we're going to take a look at replacing old and rotting facia boards. Often, all that needs to be done to your facia is to give it a new coat of paint, which will brighten up the whole front of your home. However, there is only so much that paint will cover. Facia boards...

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How to Maintain a Wooden Bench

14 Dec. 2015

One of the best ways of adding some character to your garden is by buying or building a wooden bench. Wooden benches provide your garden with a beautiful focal point, give you somewhere to sit in the sun or take a break from mowing the lawn. Because you are not very likely to take your garden seat indoors with you every time the weather changes, the timber is going to come into contact with all weathers. If left untreated, the timber in a softwood...

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Why We Need Sustainable Timber Sources

16 Nov. 2015

When we hear about forests being cleared, many people think that it isn't a problem and we can just plant new forests, but the world's timber resources are being decimated at an alarming rate. We have all heard about the Amazon forest deforestation, trees that will never be replaced because they have been cleared to make way for highways, grazing land, and other such uses. However, I think that we are living in an age where people are genuinely interested...

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Preventing Accidents While Working With Wood

20 Oct. 2015

Working with wood can be one of the most relaxing pastimes you can take up. This durable and workable material always gives me a near meditation experience when I'm working with it, whether I'm trimming a piece of timber to size or smoothing down some rough edges. I almost get into a trance. That's all well and good, but this has led me to a few near misses in the past. One of the first rules of safety in the workshop is to stay sharp while working...

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Making a Wooden Garden Arbour

18 Sep. 2015

There are many ways to delineate your back garden from your neighbours. One approach is to build a wall. A less intrusive method is building a wooden fence. A third way is to have a line of shrubs or miniature bushes with a gateway defining your property. A wooden garden arbour makes a great gateway. If you are not worried about security, you don't need a locked gate, just a simple arch.First you need to figure out what kind of arbour you want to...

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What is Hand-Planing Right For?

27 Aug. 2015

Patience is a virtue. When it comes to woodworking, especially if you want to make pieces you are proud of, it pays to take your time, to make a fuss and to have a little patience - or a lot! When you are starting out, you don't have the benefit of experience. You don't know the little bits of personal information that can take an average piece of wood working out into the clouds to a magnificent piece of wood working. Now, you can read about woodworking...

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How To Choose The Right Timber for The Job

21 Jul. 2015

When you are building a house or planning an interior project within your home, one of the most important materials you can use is timber. Not only should you be using timber for your roofing and ceiling joists, you should also consider using timber for your doors, windows and other more decorative areas in the house. Timber is a renewable resource that is durable and beautiful at the same time. You might be wondering if timber is up to the job when...

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How to Erect Wooden Shelf Brackets

23 Jun. 2015

If you are looking to save some space in your home, office or garage, one of the best ways of doing this is to utilise the space on your walls. Hanging a few shelves here and there means that you can use the space that would otherwise be left bare. You can put up shelves above other pieces of furniture such as your desk, a chest of drawers, a dining table or in the bathroom above the toilet and wash basin. One of the easiest ways of putting up a shelf...

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A Brief Guide to Invisible Wood Fixings

22 May. 2015

There are many different ways of fixing two pieces of wood together. Many of them require a fixing that can be seen. For instance, one of the easiest methods of fixing two pieces of wood together is by using a hammer and nail. Nailing two pieces of wood in this way is crude, difficult to undo without damage and is certainly not invisible. The same logic can be applied to screws, although if you use a screw, you can separate the pieces with a lot less...

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Why Do You Need a Primer Paint?

23 Apr. 2015

Primer is one of the best problem solvers in your painting toolbox, so to speak. It is one of the best tools because it allows for a lot of forgiveness in your painting surface. It's more a glue than a paint in that it sticks into all the small cracks and bad surface areas, covering up a multitude of small bumps and misshapes, giving you an even and united surface on which to add your final coats of paint.One of the problems of choosing a primer is...

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Types of Timber Oil Finishes

19 Mar. 2015

Timber is such a wonderful material to work with. It's a natural product that will fit into most home and work environments. Timber is also a renewable resource. Every time you choose to buy a timber product, you are giving a thumbs up to the overall environment and doing your bit to reduce your overall carbon footprint. Like any other natural product, timber has a life cycle. If you leave timber untreated, it will naturally go through the process...

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Painting Kitchen Timber Cabinets

04 Feb. 2015

One of the biggest things to replace in your home are the kitchen cabinets. Not only is replacing them going to be a big job, it is also going to be a costly one. A question you should be asking yourself is do you need to replace them? Why is it that you want to replace them in the first place? Obviously, if they have seen better days, they are falling to bits and a danger to everyone who wants to get a cup, you need to rip them out and start again,...

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3 Great Beginner Woodworking Projects

18 Dec. 2014

For those of you that have decided to take up woodworking as a bit of a hobby, it can be difficult to know just where to start with regards to your first beginner projects. You should of course start with smaller and easier projects before gradually moving up to builds that are going to require increasing levels of skill. So just what sort of beginner projects are out there that you can start to concentrate on?We have provided three great woodworking...

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Tips for Decorating Your Timber Fence

25 Nov. 2014

The humble timber fence must be one of the most loved and abused structures in our garden. A timber fence is miles better than anything made of brick or concrete, but it does require a bit of tender loving care. Using a stain, preservative or paint once a year on your fence is more than enough, so you certainly don't have to be out there treating it like you would your lawn. But why not consider decorating this practical, humble, essential part of...

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How To Use A Chisel

30 Oct. 2014

For every trade there are indispensable tools. Tools that are the mainstay of the profession, tools that are bought with quality and endurance in mind and tools that will last the lifetime of the owner. For the woodworker, one such tool is the chisel. This tool is one which has so many uses that a woodworker's box without a chisel is very much incomplete, if not almost useless. There are many different uses of the humble chisel from gradually...

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A Look Inside a Young Forest

25 Sep. 2014

Most modern day forests start out life in the nursery. Seedlings are grown into juvenile plants until they are old enough to be transported to the site where they will grow and mature until they are ready to be harvested. This is between 30 or 40 years for most evergreen species. The process of planting and tending a young forest has been developed and honed over hundreds of years. Today, although certain parts of the process have become very scientific,...

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Eight Basic Tools That are Perfect for a new Woodworker

29 Aug. 2014

Becoming a woodworker does not have to be a career these days and is a popular hobby among many. The idea that you can use your hands and brain to create furniture such as tables and chairs for yourself not only gives you a feeling of satisfaction, but it can save you money too. Eventually, if you become skilled enough at the craft, you could be creating all kinds of things for your family, friends and neighbours and even make a little bit of money...

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How To Remove Marks From Timber Floors

31 Jul. 2014

One of the most durable and beautiful surfaces for a home floor is timber. You can choose from a wide variety of styles of timber, colours, grains, and finishes. If you live in a cold climate, timber offers a warmer surface than tile or concrete. If you live in a warm climate, timber can compete with more traditional surfaces when it comes to keeping the heat down. It makes a very forgiving surface if you have young kids jumping and tumbling around....

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Work Safe - Power Tool Safety

27 Jun. 2014

Power tools are a mainstay in many trades and industries these days, with them allowing us to complete tasks far more efficiently and to a level which would take far longer just using our hands. Despite us seeing and using power tools on a daily basis in some cases, we can never be too careful with them. They should never be underestimated, no matter how many times you have used them before, and they should always be used in the correct manner and...

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Front and Back Porches

30 May. 2014

A porch outside your house can add a touch of class, a convenient spot to stick your muddy boots in the winter before trailing everything through the house, or an indoor room outdoors during those long, balmy days of summer. There are many types of porches that you can build depending on your taste, the amount of space you have, how much money you can afford to spend, and what your intended use is. The first type of porch you might like to...

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A Brief History of Particle Board

28 Apr. 2014

Particle board has been around for quite a while. It was thought up by German Luftwaffe fighter pilot and inventor Max Himmelheber, in first made in a factory in Bremen, Germany during the second world war. Those first boards were made up of wood scraps, shavings, sawdust, and offcuts, all glued together using a specialist resin. Before the pieces were glued together, they would be smashed and pounded in order to create small enough pieces that...

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Working with Wood for Kids

31 Mar. 2014

When you are looking for an all round fun and learning experience for your kids, you can't go far wrong with teaching them how to make something. Woodworking goes one step further. Not only will your kids be learning to make something from scratch, from the basic materials, they are also learning to use one of the most natural materials around - wood. You can impart the love for wood and woodworking from an early stage. Once a child reaches...

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The Component Parts of a Tree

25 Feb. 2014

One of the most important aspects of working with wood, of being a carpenter, is having a basic understanding of the material that we all work with - wood. Not only do we need to be able to identify the timber types that we are working with, we also need to be able to judge accurately how certain wood will respond to the different processes such as cutting or bending, nailing or screwing, gluing and sealing. These processes, and how they affect...

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Partition Walls

29 Jan. 2014

A partition wall is a wall that doesn't bear any weight, divides a room or rooms, and is generally made from a variety of materials such as glass, brick, or timber. The type of partition wall that we are interested in here is the stud partition wall. This popular type of internal wall is usually constructed using timber and plasterboard as the main building materials. The advantages of using this type of wall are very simple. A stud partition...

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The Wonderful World Of Handsaws

23 Dec. 2013

You could use a power tool to do all your carpentry jobs. It might be easier, it will definitely be quicker, but there's no real core woodworking skills needed. Using handheld tools brings you in contact with the wood, it transports you back to the days before electricity, to the days of craftsmen, when everything was done by hand. It can sometimes be quicker and easier to just take a saw off the rack and get cracking into a job, rather than...

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Your Home Carpentry Workshop Basics

27 Nov. 2013

Regardless of whether your workshop is housed in the basement of your home, a garage, a shed, or just your utility room, it should be both a convenient spot to put all your tools and materials, and it should be a comfortable place to work. Your basic workshop needs plenty of space for the safe use of any stationary power tools, like your table saw. It should also have enough well directed lighting, providing a well-lit and safe working environment....

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How To Make Your Hardwood Floor Gleam

29 Oct. 2013

A hardwood floor is a thing of beauty, but we often come across the complaint that they're just too difficult to maintain. However, with a hardwood floor you have the best of both worlds. You have a hard-wearing deck that is capable of taking most punishments that can be doled out by your average family, and a surface that is easy to maintain. But, how do you keep a hardwood floor gleaming? The good news is you don't have to be...

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The Basics of Designing A Wooden Deck

26 Sep. 2013

A modern timber deck can be many things, depending on your needs. It can transform your garden and add value to your property, making a beautiful and durable transition between the inside and outside of your home. Decks come in many different shapes, from a simple square seating area to a complex structure that flows down multi-levels, cascading into your garden. It can be an area where you rest and recuperate, an entertainment space for the kids,...

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Timber Flooring - Keeping it Looking as Good as New

30 Aug. 2013

We are sure that you all already know what a great feature timber flooring can be for any home, yet if it is not well maintained it can start to lose its shine over the years. Your timber flooring needs to be cared for and loved in order for it to keep hold of its beauty and quality. As we obviously have a big amount of love for timber, we have decided to put together a few tips that you can use to ensure that your timber flooring remains preserved...

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How To Choose The Right Nails For Your Project

31 Jul. 2013

Buying nails for a woodwork project may seem like the simplest thing in the world. It's only when you actually walk into a hardware store and come face to face with the overwhelming array of boxes, that you realise it may not be quite so simple after all. Many of our customers know exactly what type of wood they need for their project, but are confused when it comes to knowing which nails to choose to complete the job. That beautiful timber...

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How To Build A Traditional Post And Rail Fence

27 Jun. 2013

Building your own fence can be a rewarding project, and with the right tools, proper planning and a little know how, anyone can have a go! A simple post and rail fence can improve the look of your outside space, and can be erected and maintained relatively cheaply. This traditional style of fencing makes an easy project for a beginner. It's economical to build, looks attractive and will provide a robust boundary for your property, so why not...

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Choosing The Right Timber For Your Project

23 May. 2013

Whether your dream is to construct gleaming parquet flooring, a solid dining-room table, or a set of antique timber gates, it is vital to choose the correct timber - not just in terms of visual appeal, but also in terms of workability, density, and price. Other considerations include purpose of use -  for example, is your finished project intended for outdoor or indoor use? In the former case, hardwood is often the best choice as most are...

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How To Take Care Of Your Parquet Flooring

26 Apr. 2013

Parquet flooring is a particularly beautiful, traditional type of hardwood flooring that can last for decades if looked after properly. Found in traditional properties throughout the world, timber wood flooring is long-lasting, functional, and hard-wearing - not to mention very pretty. Looking after your floors means that they'll not only look beautiful, but they'll also stay beautiful for years to come. Maintenance is key, so take control...

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Choosing Between Hardwood and Softwood

22 Mar. 2013

When buying timber, the most basic choice is between hardwoods from deciduous trees, and softwood from coniferous trees. Hardwoods are further classified by their pore openings - "closed grained" woods have very small pores, and "ring porous" species have larger pores. Examples of closed grained hardwoods include maple, alder and Italian walnut; ring porous hardwoods include oak, ash and elm. Around 200 species of hardwood are...

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Metal or Timber Handrails - Which is Best for My Home?

25 Feb. 2013

Your home deserves the best you can afford and there are two main materials for handrails that are competing for your attention. Handrails are either made of wood or metal. Choosing the best for your home can be confusing because although there are only two options in terms of materials, there are a number of designs to choose from. Timber handrails are usually made from exotic lumbers and there are a lot of cross sections to choose from. While...

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Timber Handrails and Balustrades

23 Jan. 2013

Recently, we were discussing the variety of styles in timber handrails and balustrades that have recently come to the forefront in design interiors and exteriors. With materials as diverse as steel, glass and stone currently in fashion, we asked the question; what makes wood such a consistent favourite, in spite of all the other choices available? In the end we concluded it was down to something more than personal taste and what best fitted the...

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Benefits of Treated Pine for Flooring and Fencing

21 Dec. 2012

Treated pine is a good choice either for parquet flooring or even for your timber fence. First of all, it's not expensive and you can count on its durability. When properly sealed, treated pine can last for years and its strength makes it ideal for fencing timber. With proper staining, the finished appearance of treated pine is also unbeatable. There are many stains that you can choose from which allows for greater decorative flexibility. Construction...

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Parquet Flooring - A Touch Of Elegance

20 Nov. 2012

One of the most frequently recommended types of flooring for homes right now is parquet flooring. It is considered as both affordable and durable for many home designs. It is also the type of flooring which is proven to last for years, even decades. If you are currently looking at floor designs for your new home or planning to redecorate your floor, parquet flooring is a great option to consider. What is Parquet Flooring? Parquet flooring...

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Three Flooring Solutions: Parquet, Particle and Timber Decking

22 Oct. 2012

Timber decking can often be used to create spectacular effects to enhance the overall feel to the back of your house. It is often installed in order to give a customer an additional seating area around the back, it also comes in handy when having friends over for a casual beer or for a bigger function. Wood should not just be limited to the outside of the house. It also looks good inside as well. Parquet flooring is found a lot in hallways and in...

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