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Common Questions

How do I build a deck?

There’s a lot to think about when you’ve decided to build a deck! Make sure you have council approval before beginning to plan, and check for underground cables and pipes before you start to build!

You’ll need to accurately measure and mark out the height of your deck to install your stumps and bearers and create a strong foundation for your deck. With stumps and bearers in place, you will then attach your joists to support the decking boards. Finally you’ll lay decking on top and finish with your chosen decking treatment!

If all that sounds totally overwhelming, don’t fear! We have a handy decking checklist for you, and an expert team to help guide you on any timber and hardware you need!

Can I get my hardware from you too?

Of course! Woodstock Timbers stocks a wide range of hardware (have you seen our hardware room? Ask our friendly staff to show you around!) and our expert team will happily guide you to the hardware and tools you require to build your deck.

How do I choose decking oil, paint or stain for your deck?

The biggest question you need to ask yourself when choosing a decking treatment is whether you want to keep your deck natural or add colour!

  • A natural look
    • Decking oil will be your best bet for bringing out the natural grain and colours of your chosen timber. Designed to protect the timber, it will also enhance its colour as it is slightly pigmented.
  • Adding colour
    • Decking stains are more pigmented than decking oils and will change the colour of your timber. Decking stains are a fun way to show your personal flair and enhance your outdoor area. We’ve seen gorgeous decks in whites and greys trending lately!

Once you decide whether you want to go natural or add colour, think about what finish you’d like – matte or glossy.

There are so many types of decking! How do I choose?

Great question! You’ll need to consider things like:-

  • Where will your deck be located? If your decking area receives a lot of sun, the colour may fade quickly.
  • How much maintenance are you happy to do? Some decks will be easier and quicker to maintain than others.
  • What is your budget? We stock a wide range to suit your needs, and will take your budget into consideration when making suggestions

There are three main types of decking materials available Woodstock Timbers (though if you have a weird and wonderful enquiry, we’d love to hear it!):-

  • Hardwood – There are many species of hardwood decking timber but species such as spotted gum and kwila/merbau decking are very common and popular at Woodstock Timber. While hardwood is dense which means it can be more difficult to drill and nail, it is extremely durable and looks fantastic. Hardwood decks do require regular maintenance, so make sure you oil your deck yearly to ensure it lasts (we’ve got you covered, see here).
  • Pine – if budget is a consideration, this is your most affordable choice. Pine is easy to work with, lightweight and you can stain your pine deck to get your desired look. We work with suppliers to source quality Radiata pine that has been pressure treated here in Brisbane to withstand decay and termites. We recommend oiling your pine deck yearly for lasting results.
  • Composite decking – Woodstock Timbers stocks a wide range of composite decking. With brands like Modwood, Trex and Millboard, you’ll be sure to find the timber look to suit your outdoor space. While composite decking is the most expensive option, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to pine and hardwood. Made of recycled plastic or wood fibres, it is incredibly durable and low maintenance. All you’ll have to do is mop when it’s looking dirty!

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